Shopping online... A thing of beauty.

Shopping online from independent retailers and keeping the money in our own communities?... That would be nice.

2020: An idea is born

On his commute to work, Daniel ponders the world of e-commerce.

"With millions of online shops and brands, how does a person search for items from these independent retailers?”

2021: A plan is formed

Daniel, along with co-founder and CTO, Shaun, sweat out the details of how a new kind of shopping search engine can be built to help consumers buy items directly from independent shops.

Later that year: Vendazzo is born

Vendazzo is born with the mission of helping shoppers find products and purchase them from independent shops and brands.

2022: The team expands

Paul joins the team to help build a user experience that will blow your hair back!

We begin to build relationships with retailers.

Partnering with retailers and improving our search results for nearly 100 million searchable products become our laser focus.

The future: Our Path Forward

We succeed when our partner shops succeed.

By sending traffic directly to the retailer’s website, the shop gets a new customer, the shopper has discovered a new place to shop online, and the world is a better place for it.

We all win when our local shops can compete against the enormous online marketplaces that move our shopping dollars further away from our communities.

Building a better shopping experience for the shopper, and a new source of traffic for shops of all size, for a fair deal, is our path forward.